A.P. has become a well-known name in the Techno scene, and has been a mainstay throughout the last 20 years, making his mark on the global underground circuit.

The ‘Refined Format’ label boss has been up there with the best of them, consistently pushing his sound with charting releases on labels such as: Hydraulix, Finder, Dolma and Techburst to name a few. His stats show us why he deserves his place in the Beatport Top 100 Hard Techno Artists, climbing up to 6th in the list, amongst the world’s elite.

Over the last two decades he has recorded for the infamous legendary label collective Stay Up Forever with a catalogue of vinyl and digital releases on Cluster, SUF, Maximum Minimum, xHive and many more. He was also involved in North Wales imprints like Kick the Drum Records and More Punk Than Funk, that were run by The F.A.T. Collective in the early 2000’s.

There is no doubt that he has made his stamp permanently on the scene, inspiring both big names and new comers alike, with his music finding itís way into the record bags of artists such as ‘Perc’, ‘Rebekah’ and ‘Dax J’ amongst others.

Very much influenced by the likes of ‘D.A.V.E. The Drummer’, ‘Tobias Lueke’ and ‘Atroxx’ to name a few, A.P. continues to push the boundaries of his own musical horizons, and aims to collaborate with a number of international artists. His focus is set on developing his label Refined Format, with the intention to bring it to a worldwide audience.

Once described as ‘The best producer in Acid Techno’ by Mark EG.
Also having his Cluster 80 record in the legendary Chris Liberatorís all-time top 20 acid techno releases.

As a DJ, he has been very fortunate to travel across the globe, visiting countries such as: Brazil, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, and of course all over his homeland in the UK. He has played the prestigious Boomtown Festival, plus regularly at Acid Punk Royale in Sardinia.

Who knows what is next, but may the adventure take it’s course and journey continue…..