General Waste

Returning to UK sets after a two years hiatus, UK, General Waste specialises in recycling music into other music. After a originally working in UK Hip-Hop, getting involved with the electronic music and free party scene in Brighton and elsewhere in the UK bought him into contact with new genres and artists, and he moved into DJing and eventually producing for the dancefloor.

His preferred style is generally choppage heavy jungle and jungletek but he enjoys incorporating all kinds of other styles, from bass music to gabber. Formerly a key member of Brighton promotion crew Erisian, he also created Community Payback Records, a vinyl only label specialising in his particularly warped vision of jungletek, and was the instigator behind the So Fun Tek Shop, Boomtown Fair’s premier tek venue. With digital and vinyl releases out across a bunch of different labels in the UK and abroad he continues to push the boundaries of how complex and mashed-up jungletek can be.


General Waste is performing as part of the Amen4Tekno takeover