Joe ET

Joe ET is a DJ from the UK. He is the keyfigure at Oblivion Underground Events and Oblivion Underground Recordings. Since 1999, he has been running events and performing at parties and festivals such as Dominator, PRSPCT, Q-Base, F*ckparade, Heresy, Footworxx, MuSick, Karnage, Therapy Sessions, North, Twisted’s Darkside and Ibiza Goes Hard…

He is one of the most dedicated, accomplished and experienced DJ’s from the UK and, more recently, in Europe.

His devastating style crosses and merges the boundaries of Hardcore without compromise.”

As well as his solo performances, Joe has featured in B2B/VS sets with (among others) Tymon, Deathmachine, Dolphin, Detest, Penta, Splinter Cell & Tugie.