Oliver Laycock – AKA – Kamoh, grew up in Bristol listening to a wide range of music. Coming from a culturally diverse city, it wasn’t long before he picked up the want to experience nightlife and parties.

Through his teens he built a love for Jungle and Drum and Bass, venturing to as many raves and free parties he could. This is where he met many of the SW sound-system crews and his passion started to take off.

Moving to Malaga Spain in his late teens, he wanted to bring the sound-system culture he had witnessed back home, abroad. This is where Joonglay kicked off and he started to work with artists such as :-
Aries – Serial Killaz – Jacky Murda – Tuffist – Kelvin 373 – Max Powa – Kursiva – Audiomission and many more.

Since moving back to Bristol in 2014, Ollie has found a new flare for his music and is now focusing more on his own sound and pushing himself rather than focusing on Promotion.



Kamoh is performing on the Sunday Soundclash as part of Rumble in the Jungle