latesleeper is a reimagining of dance music cliches into something fresh but classic. Born from the underground heart of the UK, Bristol, latesleeper’s aggressive rhythmic style throws beats and soundscapes left and right in an attempt to bring back energy and propel it into a space where artistic expression is paramount.

Though the latesleeper project only got its start in the dying part of 2020, Kai Morgan, the person behind it has been producing for much longer. Aliases that spawn genres such as future trap, drum and bass and house while growing up around Bristol’s garage and dub culture, latesleeper is the culmination and the exaltation of those experiences. In 2021, she staked a claim in UK & Europe’s electronic music culture, with releases with established brands like skankandbass and DIVIDID, and support from the old guard and new guard alike, the likes of Noisia , René LaVice , The Caracal Project and IMANU