Mark EG

Official Allen & Heath DJ and a main player in the UK music industry for 30 years. Mark EG has transmitted his musical message many times over from the UK to Australia, transcending generations and cultures by playing countless different styles of electronic music. With a unique and anarchic approach, Mark has won many awards and accolades. From 60 bpm chill out to 200 bpm hardcore, his energy and passion for sound is quite simply, unparalleled.

Mark’s stage antics are legendary. Previous shows have involved ironing boards, chainsaws, smashed decks and guitars, 12ft ladders, bags of flour. He entertains his fans like no other DJ in the world. They even have their own ‘Mark EG’ chant.

As a respected radio DJ, Mark runs his own national FM radio show on Megapolis 89.5FM. ‘Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out’ focuses on techno, electronica and more. His Megacast focuses on the harder sound.

Mark has released, remixed and mastered music under various guises on some of the worlds top labels. He runs his own Blackout Audio label (dark techno) and EG-303 (acid). His work with global equipment giants Allen & Heath has taken him around the world, officially testing and demonstrating their products at various events and conferences. He now also runs his own Music School, which enables him to give his knowledge back to those who want to get ahead in the music industry.

There have been many imitators, but there is only one Mark EG!


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