MATT:Scratch is a Jungletek producer/DJ from Bristol – the beat-chopping, amen break and 12000 beats per hour orientated alter-ego, of the boarding school choir boy brought up in the home counties in the UK.

Originally taught oboe, french horn, guitar, baritone choral vocal and piano, from a young age Matt’s interests quickly turned to writing and producing his own music, from weird sound-scape electronica, breakbeat, house and acoustic music, under the alias ‘Purple Mist’, whilst at the same time listening to all range of music, preferring bands such as Slipknot and System of a Down, and artists like Jean Michele Jarre and Gary Numan.

After the boarding school education finishing in 2004, Matt went to the ACM in Guildford, and formed a metal band by the name of ‘Fate Preordained’ to keep his vocal talent alive, after a couple of recordings the band split up due to creative differences, leaving Matt free to explore the digital music dimension.

During his time at the ACM, Matt’s music interests changed from electronica and heavy metal to hard house and mostly drum n bass. Leaving the ACM in 2005, receiving a higher national diploma in contemporary music production, a vast musical knowledge, and the ability to mix on Vinyl left Matt to venture into producing drum n bass for a number of years.
2007/2008 saw the birth of Matt:Scratch. Named because his early home recorded promo CD’s that he never put in cases were normally so scratched that they wouldn’t play before they had reached the listener!

The habit faded as he switched to digital media, but the name stuck.

In mid 2008, Matt moved away from home and spent the next couple of years bumming around, staying on friends sofas and squatting, generally having fun. In February 2009, Scratch moved into the infamous ‘Mothership,’ and dropped the drum n bass for an acid techno phase under the direction of Zac Braincandy (Spiky Hippy), forming the duo ‘Scratch n Sniff’.

Scratch began wondering how to combine the dance floor effect of drum n bass and techno, with the sonic impact of heavy fast paced metal. Settling on the idea of breakcore and gabber/hardcore, at a ridiculous BPM after he saw crowds of knees buckle to the sounds of the wrong music afternoon at Glade festival 2009, now, aspiring to the likes of Shitmat, Life4Land, Bong-Ra, and Venetian Snares.

Early 2010 Matt went underground. Developing his sound in private and networking hard to eventually re-emerge as co-founder of the eclectic Core Collective Records with Matheus (Rob) in March of 2011. After coordinating releases on CCR, in late 2012 Matt released ‘Apple Core,’ his first full length album on the label he and Rob Created.

After that, again, Matt went underground in search of the sound that fitted him best. Two years later, October 2014, Legs Akimbo Records was privileged enough to receive the masters for the appropriately titled ‘All in God Time’ a twelve track exploration into tek music.

A few bootlegs later and Matt was noticed by the legendary Mandidextrous, and in 2013, Mandi pushed for Matt’s first vinyl release, effectively ticking off a big part of Matt’s bucket list.

Finally settled on a genre of choice and with powerful individual tracks released on labels such as Lemtek and Tek-Obsessed Audio Recordings, Matt decided that Jungletek was the way to go, quickly becoming a valued part of Mandi’s label, Amen4Tekno. 2015 saw the release of the first Jungletek Mafia album closely followed by numbers two and nearly three, all the while Matt performing at numerous nights, takeovers and festivals alongside the other members of the Jungletek Mafia. Deciding late in the year, Matt handed over his responsibilities at CCR to Rob and concentrated on moving forward to assist in pioneering this neo-rave niche genre.


Matt:Scratch is performing as part of the Amen4Tekno takeover