Waldo’s Gift reworks: Aphex Twin

Waldo’s Gift have emerged as a new force on the UK jazz scene. Born out of their improvisatory residency at Bristol’s The Gallimaufry, the band quickly gained notoriety in their hometown before achieving wider national attention.
With the latest single ‘Vordhosbn’ (an Aphex Twin rework) the band were never aiming to match the beautiful intricacy of Aphex’s production, but rather to replicate that energy with human imperfection. Staying true to the ethos of 2019’s Improvisations EP, the track was recorded live in one take, no overdubs and no samples. Just guitar, bass and acoustic drums triggering an analogue synth.
During this special set they will be reworking classic tracks by Aphex Twin.
‘This is really special’ Mary Anne Hobbs
‘John Peel would have played that’ Gilles Peterson