Balter – Postponed until 2021

It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce that we have no option but to postpone Balter Festival until 2021. We have done everything we can to be able to run and we held out for as long as possible in the faintest of hopes that anything could change, but unfortunately this is just not going to be possible.

This has been an incredible year, in all the wrong ways! We wouldn’t want to risk any potential harm to any of our loyal followers or hard working crew, and whilst the virus is still present there is no way that we could say that we are being risk free. There are some events that are running as ‘socially distant’, but let’s be honest, that’s not exactly our style is it!

We will be back early next year at the start of the summer, and therefore will be one of the first festivals back! However we have been hit hard by this, like all events have. All tickets bought for this year will automatically roll over until the next event, and it would mean the world to us (and ensure that we are able to continue to run!) if anyone that has bought a ticket and is able to can please hold on to your ticket for next year. Refunding everyone would financially cripple us to the point of potentially having to call it a day for Balter, which would obviously be a disaster! Of course we understand this is not possible for everyone, so if you need a refund or won’t be able to make it next year please contact theticketsellers via the contact link on their website. You must do this before September 3rd!

*** Drink Beer to Save Balter!! ***
It will come as no surprise to hear that we are down a bit of money because of this year! We’re not going down the route that other events have of asking for donations as we understand that everyone has been financially hurt by this year. All we ask is that next summer you please help us by frequenting the bar (drinking responsibly of course!) and hitting the merch stand. It’s a simple request that will really make a difference. With your help and support we can continue to run for years to come, as we still have so much to do with you guys!

Summer 2021 will be the great return, we can’t wait to see you back in the fields! We will announce the new dates soon, keep an eye on our social pages and website.

In the meantime, stay safe and look after each other.

All the love,