Staying safe at Balter 

Your safety is our number one priority at Balter Festival, and this year we will be putting some important features in place to help you stay safe whilst still having a Baltery world of fun!

Covid-19 Entry Requirements

ALL ticket holders, crew, artists and attendees must not come to site without ONE of the following things:

Anyone who does not not arrive with proof of any of the above things will be charged £50 for a test in the car park, and everyone in their car will also have to take a test. You can get the tests for free at home from the NHS so just do that, don’t waste your money and our time!!

Regardless of your view on what is happening with Covid-19, how it’s been handled, or whether you believe it’s been invented by Bill Gates to turn the world into 5g zombies – that’s not the point here and let’s not discuss that now. We want everyone to be able to enjoy Balter in a safe but whole-heartedly ridiculous way.

We’ll see you soon!!